O2 Removal

Oxygen (O2) Removal From Natural Gas in Texas

O2 contaminated gas fields are common around the world, including vacuum systems and traditional pipeline systems. Such contaminated vacuum systems may include vacuum oil recovery systems, landfills, and coal mine methane. All of these systems can potentially contain a large percentage of oxygen.

Problems with Oxygen-Contaminated Gas
A number of serious problems can result when a natural gas stream is contaminated with oxygen. Such problems include an increase in pipeline corrosion and degradation of process chemicals, including amine. Additionally, such contaminants can often exceed stringent pipeline specifications. Contaminated gas streams have been abandoned in the past, leading to a waste of valuable resources. Traditionally, a lack of oxygen removal systems has existed due to a lack of industrial experience, a limited O2 removal range, and excessive capital costs.

Oxygen Removal Systems
Blue Sky Midstream offers a proprietary O2 removal design that has been shown to be highly reliable as well as effective at removing this contaminate from gas stream at any concentration of volume with minimal operating costs and easy operation, resulting in gas streams that are profitable and viable. Our unique systems were developed to effectively remove oxygen from gas in an economical manner. Our systems are mounted on skids to allow for effective and low-cost oxygen removal in all types of natural gas streams. Additionally, our O2 removal systems are capable of handling all types of contaminants.

Oxygen Removal System Benefits

  • Capable of treating gas at any oxygen concentration or volume
  • Economical
  • Easy operation
  • Reliable
  • Reduced heavy oxygen concentrations to levels that are non-detectable