LPG Recovery from Associated Gas

LPG Gas Recovery in Texas

In many instances, it is impossible to use associated gas at remote wellheads. As a result, the entire stream often must be flared, resulting in the waste of valuable resources and environmental contamination. Through the effective recovery of LPG from these flare gases, it is possible to re-claim valuable hydrocarbons and put them to use locally.

Our Membrane Solution
Blue Sky Midstream is committed to providing a vast hydrocarbon management solution portfolio. Based on flow rate, pressure, gas composition and the goals for hydrocarbon recovery, Blue Sky Midstream is able to deliver a membrane solution to effectively recovery LPG from associated gas. It now becomes simple to monetize all of your gas resources, regardless of their remote location, with our modular equipment.

Our unique LPG recovery from associated gas equipment provides the following benefits:

  • Easier unit operation
  • Short on-site installation time
  • Total savings on project cost
  • Shorter lead times from investment decision to implementation
  • Easy transportation to site
  • No attendants needed at remote locations

Our unique solutions also allow for maximum natural gas liquid recovery. Each of our cutting-edge technologies is specifically designed to increase the yields of valuable natural gas stream components while simultaneously reducing power requirements. As a result, you are able to benefit from an attractive solution that allows for the easy storage and transport or even local use of LPG. By removing LPG from flare gas, carbon emissions can be significantly reduced, allowing for the recovery of most of the BTU value. It is also possible in certain situations, for the remaining methane to be recovered simply and easily and then either piped or used as a fuel gas.