FLNG/LNG Pre-Treatment

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG/FLNG) Treatment in Texas

Prior to condensing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for proper sale and transport, it is necessary for it be properly prepared, treated, and conditioned. Blue Sky Midstream offers expert knowledge in the precise treating of natural gas to ensure it is suitable for delivery to LNG plants. While the number of LNG plants are rapidly on the rise, our expertise allows us to properly treat LNG regardless of whether it is located on a ship, FPSO, offshore platform, or is land-based.

Amine Treating
In our years of experience, we have found amine treating to be not only a reliable process for meeting the stringent requirements for FLNG/LNG facilities, but also one that is cost-effective.

Floating Vessel Stable Fluid
The amine treatment solutions offered by Blue Sky Midstream are designed to make the most of available resources while reducing the amount of required equipment. Not only does this type of solution reduce the actual physical size of the equipment facility, but also the equipment weight.

Membrane Treating
Membranes offer a variety of advantages in the treatment of LNG, including the ability to consume less energy while at the same time requiring less weight and space than many other bulk removal solutions. Compared to the use of Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide in high concentrations, membrane also provides a cost-effective solution for efficiently removing contaminants from natural gas.

Mercury Removal
One of the most commonly found contaminants in natural gas is mercury. Although it may be common, mercury can also be damaging to equipment, particularly aluminum heat exchangers. Blue Sky Midstream has developed a mercury removal process that has been proven to be effective at reducing mercury levels to less than 0.01 micrograms per normal cubic meter.

Mole Sieve Dehydration
We have found this method to be highly effective at CO2 and/or H2S removal to levels of less than 1 PPM. Specified methods of Mole Sieve technology can also be effectively used to remove these contaminants at even lower levels when necessary.

Oxygen Removal
Although oxygen is not commonly found in natural gas streams, when it is present, it is necessary to employ effective oxygen removal processes. Blue Sky Midstream offers a proprietary process that capably removes oxygen in levels up to 4%. This technology can be incorporated easily into a LNG or FLNG environment.