H2S Removal

H2S Removal From Natural Gas in Texas

Natural gas streams frequently contain a wide array of contaminants, including hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. H2S is known to be highly toxic and can result in equipment corrosion. Blue Sky Midstream is proud to offer two highly effective H2S removal methods that work to remove these dangerous contaminants while making natural gas streams marketable.

Amine Plants

Amine plant treatments are based on proven technology that works to effectively remove H2S from natural gas streams through chemical and absorption reaction. We offer a variety of amine plants that are designed to treat specific problems, including low-pressure applications and high-pressure treatment applications.

H2S Scavengers

Hydrogen sulfide scavengers are capable of removing H2S levels to less than 1 ppm. This environmentally friendly solution is completely safe and offers the benefit of low capital requirements. Blue Sky Midstream offers a variety of H2S scavenger solutions, including solids, catalyst, and liquids. As is the case with any treatment solution, it is important to consider a number of factors to ensure the best results. Our extensive industry experience ensures the selection of the best H2S scavenger to yield exceptional results.