Fuel Gas Conditioning (FGC)

Fuel Gas Conditioning (FGC) in Texas

The quality of raw gas is often so poor, it becomes impossible for it to be effectively used in gas turbines and engines. When there are significant concentrations of C3+ and/or H2S present, carbon can build up and corrosion can occur in gas engines. Nitrogen and CO2 can also lower BTU values. The presence of any of these contaminants can significantly increase downtime by compromising engine operation or at the very lease decrease the compliance of emissions. In heavy concentrations, such impurities can leave gas unusable.

Blue Sky Midstream systems fuel gas-conditioning treatments that are designed to purify raw gas streams to achieve premium-quality fuel gas. Our membranes are specifically designed to easily remove a variety of contaminants from fuel gas, including C3+, H2S, N2, CO2 and water. Additionally, because such impurities are removed from the gas and directed to the compressor; there are no resulting effluent streams that require disposal. These systems are easy to install and can be operated completely without attendance.

Our fuel treatment systems offer numerous benefits:

  • Increased liquid recovery
  • Removal of heavy compounds, including C3+
  • Increased gas turbine and engine reliability
  • Significant acid gas removal, including CO2 and H2S removal
  • No need to de-rate gas engine
  • Reduced unscheduled downtime
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Easy to operate and maintain