CO2 Removal

CO2 Removal From Natural Gas in Texas

While CO2 is commonly found in natural gas throughout many locations, CO2 removal from gas is necessary in order to deliver the gas to the pipeline. When CO2 is mixed with water, the result is a corrosive carbonic acid. CO2 is also known to reduce the BTU value in gas, ultimately making it unmarketable.

Blue Sky Midstream is proud to offer to highly effective solutions for CO2 removal that can be utilized in offshore, unattended, or remote locations. These systems offer quick start-up, easy operation, and high on-stream factors.

Amine Treating Units
Amine treating plants work to remove not only CO2 from gas but also H2S. Blue Sky Midstream’s amine plant design incorporates proven amine regeneration processes and technology to provide you with a reliable CO2 solution that is capable of reducing CO2 levels to pipeline required specifications.

Membrane Systems
Although amine-treating systems are commonly utilized, Blue Sky Midstream is proud to also provide a membrane-based system that offers a low-cost and easy to use solution for CO2 removal in natural gas. These revolutionary membranes are comprised of a unique polymer chemistry that offers superior results compared to conventional membranes in terms of withstanding the various components and contaminants frequently found in natural gas. The separation capability of these membranes results in a hydrocarbon recovery rate of more than 95%. Our membranes can be effectively used for meeting pipeline CO2 specifications while minimizing weight and deck space for offshore applications.

Benefits of CO2 Removal Membrane Systems:

  • Carbon dioxide levels reduced to required specifications
  • Unique design allows for optimal hydrocarbon recovery
  • Minimized weight and space for critical offshore applications
  • Maximized revenues through high on-stream times
  • No regular maintenance required
  • Robust design ensures only limited pre-treatment required
  • Simple, low-cost installation
  • Proven performance at even high carbon dioxide levels