Arsenic Removal

Arsenic Removal From Natural Gas in Texas

The presence of arsenic in natural gas stream can cause a significant impact. Catalyst poisons, including arsenic, can result in the degradation of plants such as ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen. Over time, this can result in the degradation of a system’s performance, thereby reducing the plant’s efficiency and capacity. Blue Sky Midstream offers an effective and cost-efficient arsenic removal system that is capable of reducing arsenic levels to below 1 ppb. With low operating and capital cost requirements, this system ensures your plant is able to operate on time and on budget.

The most common type of arsenic found in natural gas streams is a group of compounds known as trialkylarsines. This group of compounds, although less reactive than arsine, is actually more difficult to remove from natural gas streams. As a result, removal of arsenic can be a problem that is difficult to solve.

Arsenic Removal from Natural Gas
Our proprietary arsenic removal system is based on proven technology and is capable of reducing organic arsenic levels to below 1 ppb while improving primary catalyst performance in natural gas facilities and eliminating environmental safety concerns.


  • Proven technology capable of reducing arsenic levels to less than 1 ppb
  • Capable of removing trialkylarsines, also known as organic arsenic, in an effective manner
  • Eliminates environmental liability