Oxygen Removal Plants

Equipments for Oxygen (O2) Removal From Natural Gas in Texas

The Problem
The presence of oxygen in a natural gas stream is hazardous, and can cause corrosion of gas processing equipment, which would shorten equipment life and increased downtime reduced reliability. Oxygen in the natural gas stream can also cause degradation of the treating solvents, such as amines and glycols. This would require replacement for regeneration of the treating solvents. The natural gas contaminated with oxygen could be unsellable if oxygen concentration is in excess of pipeline specifications.

Oxygen Removal Solutions
The removal of oxygen of natural gas is not difficult as there are several proven technologies that could be utilized. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Each project must be evaluated to determine the best technology for the removal of the oxygen from the natural gas stream. One technology may be a great fit for project A while the same technology may not be the ineffective project B

Listed below are a few of the most common technologies, utilized for oxygen removal in natural gas stream:

Catalyst – can be utilized to convert the oxygen to inert gases.

Catalyst systems are generally easy to operate reliable economical flexible to be designed to remove oxygen a wide range of concentration. It will reduce oxygen concentration to below detectable level. The biggest issue this causes is the addition of inert gases, which could possibly push the gas out of pipelines also this process creates H2O. If there pipeline specifications to be met or if there is other processes downstream of the oxygen removal process that require low moisture dewpoint, then existed will be required after the oxygen removal system also this is process creates high temperatures which must be taken into consideration during design and operation

PSA/TSA – there are several different types of PSA or TSA that could be utilized for the removal of oxygen. When a PSA system several removal or purification processes could be happening. PSA plants are generally sophisticated and soon moderate to high amounts of electricity

Membranes – membranes can be utilized for oxygen removal as a hybrid system or a standalone system in the residue oxygen levels are high enough. Membrane systems are used to operate very reliable. The biggest disadvantage with the membrane system is the use of the permeate stream.

Scavengers – scavengers can be utilized for the removal of oxygen. Scavengers are generally easy to operate and reliable however costs can be high.

At Blue Sky Midstream we offer the experience and knowledge necessary to select an oxygen removal system that will be both effective and cost-efficient. We will not recommend a solution for your oxygen removal project until we have all the data to make an educated decision.