Onshore Modular Equipment

Onshore Modular Units & Equipment in Texas

Blue Sky Midstream offers a comprehensive line of solutions for hydrocarbon management, including a vast range of critical packaged plants and technologies that allow producers of natural gas to effectively remove natural gas contaminants while recovering high-value gas liquids that can be utilized for fuels and petrochemicals.

We specialize in providing the effective design, engineering, fabrication, and implementation of modular equipment in onshore applications for natural gas recovery and fractionation. Our skid-mounted equipment offers easy and fast set-up and operation.

Blue Sky Midstream gas treatment plants are configured to meet even the most stringent pipeline requirements within the following applications:

  • NGL recovery and fractionation
  • The conditioning of natural gas, including gas sweetening amine systems, dew-point control and dehydration
  • Gas liquid recovery, including mechanical and cryogenic refrigeration

Our skid-mounted equipment systems offer a vast array of advantages to ensure high recovery rates for heavier NGLs and propane and easy monetization of your gas resources:

  • Easier unit operations
  • Lower timeframe between investment decision and start-up
  • Total project cost savings
  • Shorter on-site installation time