Membrane Systems

Membrane Systems

Our membrane systems are designed to maximize the efficiency of water and acid gas (CO2) removal. Our skid-mounted, modular units offer easy set-up and low maintenance. Gas pre-treatment is crucial to ensuring low operating costs and long membrane life. Based on the specific application, we are able to offer solutions that deliver long life, cost-effective pre-treatment services and operation that is reliable and hassle-free.

Blue Sky Midstream continually researches the best and latest solutions to simplify process stream connections while improving efficiency. Our membrane solutions are suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Biogas methane recovery
  • Offshore and remote locations
  • Natural gas upgrading
  • Removing bottlenecking of acid gas removal that is solvent-based

Benefits of our Membrane Systems
Our membrane solutions offer a number of advantages when compared to more traditional solvent-based processes, including:

  • Less space requirements
  • Lower installation costs
  • Faster delivery times
  • Lower energy and capital costs
  • Easier, faster start-up and shutdown
  • Elimination of dehydration equipment

When Should our Membrane Systems be Used?
Our membrane systems are appropriate in the following situations:

  • Weight and space restrictions, such as in offshore applications
  • Where electricity is available
  • When operating pressures exceed 450 psig