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Amine Sweetening Plants in Texas

Blue Sky Midstream amine treating facilities have been developed with input from multiple disciplines including operators maintenance personnel engineers and especially the lessons learned from individuals with 30+ years of experience in the industry. This approach was definitely not the most cost-effective approach; however, the end result is a plant that is extremely reliable extremely efficient as well as effective. There are several components present in our amine treating system that dramatically reduce any consumption. This aspect is often overlooked in the design or operation process however it is the largest contributor to excessive operational cost. As with any Blue Sky facility will always be available for this assistance, we know our success is contingent upon our customer’s success.

  • Lowers H2S and CO2 levels to required specifications
  • Proven, standardized designs
  • Only the newest equipment
  • Reduced commissioning and manufacturing times
  • Skid-mounted, modular systems
  • Built-in liquid containment to lessen environmental risk
  • Reduced installation and removal costs
  • Guaranteed performance

CO2 and H2S Removal Reasons
Hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and other impurities are typically detected within natural gas streams. When CO2 is combined with water, corrosive carbonic acid results. CO2 has also been found to lower the BTU value in gas to the point of rendering it unmarketable. H2S is a type of highly toxic gas that is hazardous to personnel and can cause corrosion in equipment and with removing will maximize sales as well as minimize damage to equipment.

Amine Gas Sweetening Solutions
Our amine gas sweetening process is based on a proven technology that effectively removes CO2 and H2S from liquid hydrocarbon and gas streams through chemical reaction and absorption. Each of the amines we utilize provides distinct benefits to specific gas treating problems. Such solutions include MEA, MDEA, DEA, and specialty solvents.

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15 GPM Amine Plant

Amine Plants