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Natural Gas Processing - Blue Sky Midstream

Blue Sky Midstream provides an array of natural gas process technologies. 

CO2 Removal
CO2 and H2S are frequently detected in natural gas streams in many locations. These contaminants must be removed to meet pipeline specifications prior to delivery. Blue Sky Midstream membranes can efficiently treat natural gas in an effective and low-cost solution.

H2S Removal
A wide array of contaminants is frequently found in natural gas streams, including carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. In particular, H2S is particularly toxic and can cause equipment corrosions. Blue Sky Midstream offers two effective H2S removal methods, membrane systems and amine treating units, that not only remove these impurities but also make natural gas streams marketable. 

O2 Oxygen Removal System
O2 contaminated gas fields can result in a number of problems, including increased pipeline corrosion and process chemical degradation. To combat these problems, Blue Sky Midstream offers a highly effective O2 removal design that is capable of removing oxygen from a gas stream at any concentration of volume. 

Nitrogen Removal
A large percentage of the natural gas reservoirs in the United States are sub-par as a result of high nitrogen content. Our natural gas treating membrane systems can produce nitrogen-rich fuel and gas that meets pipeline specifications.

Arsenic Removal
The impact of arsenic in natural gas streams can be significant and result in such issues as plant degradation and ultimately a decline in system performance. Our proprietary arsenic removal system is designed to reduce organic arsenic levels while simultaneously improving primary catalyst performance. 

Mercury Removal
Mercury is a common contaminant found in natural gas that can cause significant damage. Our mercury removal process is capable of removing mercury to levels per cubic meter that are undetectable while obtaining maximum profits. 

FLNG/LNG Pre-Treatment
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) must be properly prepared, treated, and conditioned prior to being condensed for sale and transport. Our expert knowledge in the handling of natural gas ensures it is always suitable for delivery regardless of whether it is land-based or located on an offshore platform, ship, or FPSO.

Fuel Gas Conditioning (FGC)
Frequently, raw natural gas is the only available fuel for operating compressor stations and power generators on platforms located offshore and remote locations. This gas often contains levels of hydrogen sulphide and higher hydrocarbons that are not acceptable. A quality membrane system can provide a convenient method for upgrading raw natural gas.

LPG Recovery from Associated Gas
Due to the fact that associated gas frequently is not able to be used in remote wellhead locations, the entire stream must be flared. This results in a waste of valuable resources and environmental contamination. Our LPG associated gas recovery systems are able to recover LPG from associated gas in an efficient manner without the use of cryogenics or gas expanders.

Blue Sky Midstream is also proud to offer a variety of other techniques for treating natural gas, including acid gas removal, mercury removal, dehydration, and dewpointing.