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The Importance of Simulation in Amine Gas Treating Feb 14, 2013

Simulation can play a critical role in troubleshooting the performance of gas-treating units. For instance, comparisons can be made regarding the plant performance information. Traditionally, simulations with amine plants operated under the assumption that the solvent was 100% clean and contained only acid gases, amines and water along with fixed gases and light hydrocarbons. In reality; however, in environments outside the laboratory, solvents typically only remain clean for a short period of time.

Over time, solvents may accumulate contaminants from the gases that are actually being treated. In order to understand and accurately quantify the effect of contaminants on performance, it is necessary to model the regenerator with complete accuracy and confidence. This includes the lean solution quality of the regenerator sets. It is also crucial to account for ionic contaminants as well as to ensure that a comprehensive solvent analysis is utilized. The outcome will demonstrate in an unequivocal manner that the simulation is completely accurate, while ensuring that the right plants are used to remove specific contaminants from gas streams, including H2S removal and carbon dioxide removal.

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