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Membrane Technology in Use in Brazil for CO2 Removal Jan 03, 2013

UOP technology was recently chosen by Petrobras to handle offshore gas process in Brazil. The company will now be responsible for fabricating a large percentage of the necessary membrane system in Brazil in order to upgrade natural gas streams through carbon dioxide removal. The new membrane systems will be installed aboard up to eight floating production, storage, and offloading vessels, or FPSOs, in operation in the Lula oil field. Each of the membrane systems will handle water and carbon dioxide removal from up to 6 million standard cubic meters of natural gas per day.

The membrane technology will help to lower operating costs while also offering a high hydrocarbon recovery that is solvent-free. This type of membrane technology works to upgrade natural gas streams through the removal of both water vapor and carbon dioxide. It is necessary to remove such contaminants in order to meet the quality standards as specified by the pipeline company and natural gas end user. The specific type of membranes to be used in this project offer a very thin construction that prevents spillage and damage that could be destructive to the local marine ecosystem. At the same time, these membranes provide exceptional longevity in the natural gas service industry.

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