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Eliminating Fouling and Foaming Nov 26, 2012
Two of the most common problems that occur in an amine unit are fouling and foaming. Foaming can result in massive amine losses; reduce operational capacity and a product that does not meet specifications. Amine that is carried over into the gas stream can result in downstream equipment becoming fouled, including burners and compressors. Fouling can also cause the need for pump seals to be replaced on a frequent basis. 
Amine treating is now the primary method for purifying gas by carbon dioxide removal and H2S removal. One of the most typical contaminants is iron sulfide. This contaminant is formed within the circulating amine system. Numerous measures can be utilized to minimize corrosion within amine units. An experienced amine treatment facility will be able to analyze the unique needs of a gas processing company and design a solution that will remove contaminants, eliminate corrosion, and result in a purified gas stream that meets pipeline specifications.
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