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Meeting New Demands with New Technology Nov 21, 2012
Advances in technology for gas treating during the past two decades have increased the opportunity to uncover economical gas sources. As the demand continues to rise for natural gas, gas source areas that have been previously ignored in the past because of prohibitive costs or poor quality are now being re-examined. Such gas streams can often contain contaminants that must be removed in order to meet pipeline specifications. H2s removal is vital for ensuring these gas streams are an economical source for meeting increased gas demands. 

Producers naturally want to treat their gas streams in a way that is most cost-effective and efficient. Time constraints, however, should not lead to the selection of a treatment option without performing an evaluation of all of the best available technologies. While there are numerous options available for oxygen removal from gas, choosing the best gas treating company will ensure you have access to the most cutting-edge and cost-efficient solutions possible.
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