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Customized Treatments Provide Improved Production Oct 24, 2012
Over the course of nearly 100 years, amine plants have been used for carbon dioxide removal and oxygen removal from sour gas streams. Development of this process first started with TEA. The process later evolved to include more beneficial amines such as DEA and MEA. Over the last two decades, MDEA has become a more popular solution for H2S removal. There are even now specialty MDEA blends that contain a variety of additives for enhancing overall performance. 

Although many things have changed in the evolution of gas treating, one thing that has not changed is that all situations are unique. Well-established guidelines and designs have their place, but for the best results, innovation is critical. Customized amine treatment designs can often provide the unit operator or designer with improved production and insight into the best ways to mitigate possible risks. 

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