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Lower Gas Treating Costs with Specialty Amines Sep 25, 2012
Specialty amine plant solutions are now proving to be highly cost-effective for H2S removal, carbon dioxide, and other contaminants from streams of hydrocarbon. In fact, MDEA-based amine formulations have been shown to significantly reduce acid gas treating costs. Such specialty amine solutions can even improve the capacity of a plant while also reducing energy requirements. 

Gas treating can refer to a wide array of applications. Each of those applications can have its own distinctive characteristics and various objectives for the specified gas streams to be treated. Specialized amine products based on MDEA were developed in order to address these requirements. 

Amine units can typically be easily converted into a specialty amine formulation. Converting can produce benefits within six months or less. Given such advantages, it is little wonder that numerous acid gas treatment plants are now making the decision to switch from generic amines to specialty amines. 

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