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What is Blended Amine and How Can it Benefit you? Aug 15, 2012
Blended amines combine the benefits of all of the various amines currently available. For instance, while MEA is a primary amine that is most commonly used in gas treatment applications for low pressure natural gas, DGA is primarily used in medium to high pressure treatment applications. One of the benefits of using an amine blend is that it can always be adjusted in order to meet specific needs. The ultimate goal of any carbon dioxide removal treatment should be to produce optimal results in the most cost-effective and energy efficient method possible. This is precisely what a blended amine H2S removal treatment does. 

Natural gas treating streams are frequently contaminated with a variety of elements, including hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. When combined with water, C02 results in a highly corrosive carbonic acid. Blended amine treatments work to provide carbon dioxide and H2s removal in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. Whatever your current amine plant situation may be, a custom-designed gas treatment plan could be just what your facility needs to produce optimal results. 

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