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NGL Recovery Offers Numerous Benefits Dec 09, 2013

The difference in price between natural gas and natural gas liquid (NGL) has highlighted the importance of NGL recovery from oil and gas production. Natural gas liquids are a type of liquid hydrocarbon that can be successfully recovered from natural gases. Such hydrocarbons include propane, ethane, pentanes, butanes, and even heavier components. NGL recovery is often handled as an extension of hydrocarbon dewpoint control. 

Recent oil discoveries, including the Bakken field in North Dakota, have placed an even stronger emphasis on the importance of attempting approaches to the recovery of NGL. The recovery of heavy hydrocarbons in the process of treating natural gas is an issue that is certainly worthy of further exploration. The co-removal of hydrocarbons can prove to be quite advantageous in terms of adhering to pipeline dew points while at the same time maximizing liquid production and the recovery of high value hydrocarbons. The recovery of and use of NGL as a fuel component is now an important consideration in terms of natural gas upgrading as well as processing.

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