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Unconventional Treating Solutions Offer Superior Results Nov 13, 2013

In today's continually evolving hydrocarbons market, it is important to make every dollar count and increase productivity to its highest levels. While traditional amine plants and gas liquids recovery processes remain vital for many situations, unconventional methods are also proving to be effective, as well. Modular equipment is increasingly being seen as an excellent option to assist in reducing both energy and capital costs. With the use of modular equipment gas treating solutions, many clients are able to see not only a shorter but also an easier start-up. Modular solutions also provide the benefit of reduced annual downtime. Ideal for remote locations that pose challenging logistic problems, modular equipment provides the benefit of minimal intervention by the operator. 

Membrane systems can also prove to be an ideal solution for treating shale gases. Compared to oil-associated gas streams, shale gases often have a much lower heavy hydrocarbon content. With the implementation of the right separator solution, it is possible for operators to achieve a higher gas liquid recovery rate.

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