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Responding to the Need for More Efficient Removal Solutions Nov 04, 2013

Sometimes referred to as gas sweetening, the use of amine treatment is a process that is commonly utilized for H2S removal from natural gas streams. Around the world, amine plants are used in gas plants and oil refineries for the purposes of hydrogen sulfide removal from product streams. Stricter environmental standards require H2S levels to be continually decreased. Emerging sources of oil and gas today frequently feature higher H2S contents, thus demanding technologies for more efficient removal. 

This can present a significant challenge as amine plants continue to operate under increasingly harsh environments. Hydrogen sulfide is just one such example. H2S, which must be handled with extreme care due to the potential for embrittlement, requires in-depth knowledge and experience. Additionally, removal processes tend to operate at extremely high temperatures, running the risk of rupture and leakage. Successful H2S removal is possible with carefully chosen technologies monitored by experienced industry professionals. As the push continues to identify newer sources of oil and gas, the need for more efficient and aggressive treatment solutions will also expand.

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