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Integrated Solutions and Membrane Systems Provide a Host of Benefits Sep 17, 2013

A one-size fits all solution is not right for every situation when it comes to achieving optimal production standards. An integrated solution could be the right answer for achieving lower operating and installation costs. Along with providing faster delivery, membrane systems work to remove acid gas with very little input from the operator or maintenance needs. Due to their compact size, the latest membrane systems are often the right option for use in remote locations.

Customized solutions can also be used when it is necessary to minimize costs while making the most of natural gas production levels. Such systems are also a good choice for use with dry shale gases. Compared to oil-related gas streams, dry shale gases often have lower levels of heavy hydrocarbons. As a result, it is necessary to utilize solutions that are tailored to those unique situations. This is precisely what the right integrated system can do. Customized solutions can also be used to arrive at the right solution for wet shale gases, as well. 

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