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Chemical Analysis Imperative to Peak Amine Efficiency Aug 26, 2013

Chemical analysis often serves as the baseline for understanding and responding appropriately to operational difficulties in amine systems. An amine plant gas scrubbing system is actually rather simple. It is comprised of a solution of alkanolamine and water that absorbs acid gases that are present in gas and then is transported to a heated regenerator, where the acid gases are released. The amine is then cooled prior to being returned to the absorber. Amine solutions are designed to circulate continuously. Contaminants frequently accumulate in amine systems, however. 

Developing an understanding of the types of contaminants that may be present in amine systems is crucial to identifying and addressing specific problems that could lead to operational inefficiency. Among the responsibilities of an experienced gas treatment facility is remaining continually updated on the best methods for performing chemical analysis in order to address such problems. By staying abreast of the latest technologies, an experienced amine gas treatment facility can work one-on-one with operators to ensure amine plants work at peak efficiency.

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