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The Sweet and Sour Sides of Crude Aug 22, 2013

Crude oils are typically classified as either sweet crudes or sour crudes. This classification is largely based on the sulfur content of the crude. All crude oils do contain some level of sulfur. As they are produced, most crudes also contain some degree of hydrogen sulfide that is then removed as part of the LPG recovery process. The presence of sulfur in crude oil can result in a number of problems in refineries due to its corrosive nature. The severe product limitations of sulfur content in petroleum-derived fuels can also present challenges.

A number of processes have thus been developed over the years in order to address H2S removal. Such technologies in use today include sour water treating, amine treating, tail gas treating, and Claus units. The choice of the right treatment can often vary based on the content of the product to be treated as well as product specification goals. Working with a company experienced in treating a wide variety of different products can allow for more efficient, cost-effective production.

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