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Amine Scrubbing Processes Allow for H2S Removal from Biogas Jul 30, 2013

Innovation within the gas treatment industry is essential in order to take advantage of enhanced power solutions in the most effective and less expensive method possible. New H2S removal methods now make it possible to reduce equipment corrosion and sulfur dioxide emissions while simultaneously achieving H2S removal from biogas. As a result, it is now possible to recover biogas for a variety of power-generation uses without worries over waste or disposal of materials that could be potentially hazardous.


Biogas is produced first by purifying methane gas. This is accomplished through the removal of hydrogen sulfide. After H2S is economically and efficiently removed, it is then possible for methane to be used in such applications as heating and power generation. High efficiency amine scrubbing processes offer a cost-effective system that makes it possible to achieve H2S removal from methane gas and then convert it into a non-hazardous by-product that can be disposed of in a safe manner. The latest scrubbing systems also make it possible to improve energy recovery in an economically feasible manner by reducing operational costs and maintenance.

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