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Resolving HSS Challenges with Amine Solutions Jul 24, 2013

Traditionally, amine plants have been used extensively for H2S removal and carbon dioxide removal in gas processing plants and oil refineries in order to achieve fuel quality standards. Today, the use of amine solvents unit is now emerging as a principal solution under consideration for capturing CO2 from the flue gas that is produced in some power station settings. A class of contaminants known as Heat Stable Salts or HSS is also an important consideration in these settings as increased levels of HSS can cause process equipment corrosion, reduced amine capacity, and a reduction in amine absorber performance.

With the use of advanced amine solutions; however, it is possible to remove HSS contamination and prevent such expensive operational challenges. Designed specifically for capturing CO2, these amine solutions operate on a continuous basis while treating slipstreams and removing HSS. A number of benefits are offered as a result, including lower amine filtration costs, increased performance, greater efficiency, and enhanced flexibility. Pre-assembled, skid-mounted solutions make it possible to take advantage of easier installation, as well.

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