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Preventing Oxygen Induced Corrosion Jun 14, 2013

Oxygen scavengers are frequently utilized in production separation systems in order to protect against oxygen-induced corrosion. Stringent specifications require that dissolved oxygen levels be kept to very low concentrations. As a result, it is necessary to ensure that dissolved oxygen is removed from surface equipment, including surface supply lines and vessels. 

The precise method selected for oxygen removal from gas is often based on a number of factors. Such factors may include the exact amount of oxygen that is present as well as the operator’s budget. Continually evolving technologies make it possible to address emerging production needs in a practical and cost-effective manner. A gas treating company specializing in oxygen removal can work with you to identify and choose the most effective chemical for your individual facility as well as apply necessary scavenger treatments. Results monitoring can also be provided to make certain that your facility continues to benefit from the highest levels of performance. 

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