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The Right Solutions Can Make Natural Gas Streams More Profitable May 14, 2013

The recovery of natural gas liquids makes it possible for processors to separate heavier hydrocarbons from natural gas streams. This is important due to the fact that heavier hydrocarbons have an increased tendency to increase into liquids, thus increasing wear on pipelines and slowing efficiency. Hydrocarbons that are extracted frequently include butane and propane and can be subsequently sold as separate products, thus increasing profitability. 

A wide range of natural gas processing equipment can be used in order to separate such hydrocarbons. A refrigerated gas plant, for instance, is typically more suitable for recovering propane as well as heavier gases. Dew point control plants can be efficiently utilized for the production of LPG and NGL. Such plants can also be used in the elimination of hydrocarbon condensation. A J-T plant can prove to be invaluable when it is necessary to liquefy heavier components through a process known as throttling. Regardless of whether you are concerned with H2S removal or you need to remove hydrocarbons, working with a company experienced in handling gas treating challenges can provide you with the solutions you need.

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