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Custom Designs and New Innovations Lead to Improved Performance Apr 19, 2013

The Sour Oil and Gas Advanced Technology exhibition and conference, held in Abu Dhabi during the last week of March, showcased a number of interesting innovations and solutions. Many of these were aimed at reducing both operating and capital expenses within the gas processing industry. Specifically, new solutions were unveiled that are aimed at achieving effective H2S removal and carbon dioxide removal. 

Within the Middle East, the sour gas processing industry is witnessing rapid expansion as a result of increased clean air regulations. Although this is a growing trend overseas, it is also an important domestic issue to consider as well. Expert knowledge and experience in regards to amine plant solutions and gas treating technologies make it possible to resolve even the most pressing challenges. The key to achieving success lies in working closely on a one-on-one basis with clients to ensure that developed solutions are the right fit for each client’s needs. With the ability to tap into a wide array of services and products, it is possible to minimize costs while maximizing efficiency. Ultimately, the goal should be to tailor each solution to individual client objectives. In this way, it is possible to optimize the costs of each system.

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