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Customized Amine Plant Solutions Resolve Unique Challenges Apr 16, 2013

Tail gas streams can present a number of challenges. In particular, these gas streams often contain amounts of carbon dioxide and other components that must be removed in order to meet pipeline specifications. Although it can appear to be a challenge to remove these compounds, there are available solutions that can make it cost-effective to do so, thus resulting in increased amounts of marketable gas. 

A well-designed amine plant should be capable of achieving maximum H2S removal as well as carbon dioxide removal rate. One of the biggest challenges many producers come across is the inability to meet the specific needs of their site. A custom-designed amine plant solution can often resolve such problems. Not all sites are the same and will often present an array of different contamination problems as well as varying levels of concentrations. By employing an amine plant solution that is customized to specific needs, it is possible to achieve cleaner gas streams and improved productivity.

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