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Factors Affecting Choice of Gas Treatments Mar 20, 2013

One of the most common questions frequently presented regarding gas treating is the factors that can affect the type of treatment that is used. In our experience, we have found there to be numerous factors that can affect the selection of the best type of amine plants or other treatment technologies. Just a few of those factors include:

  • Type of contaminants found in the gas
  • Concentration of the contaminants
  • Degree of contaminant removal needed
  • Gas processing pressure and temperature
  • Volume and composition of gas that is to be processed
  • Ratio of carbon dioxide to hydrogen sulfide
  • Economical and environmental concerns

While all of these factors can prove to be challenging, advanced technology and research into the field of gas treating has resulted in a number of technologies that are highly effective in treating gases with all types of characteristics. Whether you need to focus on oxygen removal from gas or you have concerns about H2S removal, there are effective, efficient gas treating solutions available.

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