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Evolving Treatments Show Promise for Even Challenging Crudes Mar 15, 2013

In the last few years, the refining industry has changed dramatically in terms of the ability to treat various types of gas. As an increasing number of treatments have been developed for carbon dioxide removal , H2S removal, and even arsenic removal, operations have become more profitable and efficient. Such developments have even led to the ability to profitably process crudes that in the past were considered to be challenging it not completely fruitless.


Historically, the most challenging crudes have been those that contain a variety of undesirable properties, including a high sour point, high viscosity, or high metals content. In many instances, such characteristics were often interdependent, thus resulting in problems that were not only complex but also multifaceted. As global markets have become more vibrant and trading volumes have increased, the need for more dynamic treatments has also increased. Fortunately, there are now amine plants and other treatment solutions available that are capable of treating an array of crude challenges with technologies that are not only efficient, but also highly profitable.

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