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Gas Processing Equipment

Blue Sky Midstream offers a robust line of advanced gas processing products and equipment to meet your individual business goals. High performing adsorbents and catalysts are essential to most natural gas, petrochemical and refining processing. We take pride in designing reliable solutions that provide precisely the reaction you need to not just meet, but to also exceed your production specifications and goals. 
Whether you need to expand petrochemical production to meet the evolving demands of industry, increase yields, or improve your operating efficiency, Blue Sky Midstream can design a gas processing solution to assist you in meeting your goals. We are completely dedicated to continuous industry innovation and ground breaking improvements. 
Membrane Systems- Our membrane systems offer an efficient and safe option for removing water vapor and carbon dioxide from natural gas, particularly in remote areas. The membrane systems we use are also highly adaptable to a wide array of CO2 concentrations, gas volumes, and product gas specifications. 
Amine Plants- Our amine gas sweetening process is based on a proven technology that effectively removes CO2 and H2S from liquid hydrocarbon and gas streams through chemical reaction and absorption. Each of the amines we utilize provides distinct benefits to specific gas treating problems.
Oxygen Removal Plants- Our O2 removal solution is not only a reliable solution for removing oxygen from gas, but also economical. This effective solution is proficient at treating gas at any O2 concentration or volume with minimal operating cost and easy operation.
H2S Removal Equipment- Blue Sky Midstream has cultivated extensive experience in the effective use of amine treatment systems as well as a wide array of H2S scavengers that include catalysts, solids, and liquids. Our experienced team is available to provide recommendations regarding the most economical and effective method for specific applications. 
Offshore Modular Equipment- Blue Sky Midstream provides in-depth expertise in the design and construction of modular plants that are ideal for offshore gas processing applications. Whether you need a solution for fixed-platform or a FLNG or FPSO application, Blue Sky Midstream has the expertise and capability to provide you with a vast portfolio of gas treating processes in a suitable modular unit.
Onshore Modular Equipment- Blue Sky Midstream offers a comprehensive line of solutions for hydrocarbon management, including a vast range of critical packaged plants and technologies that allow producers of natural gas to effectively remove natural gas contaminants while recovering high-value gas liquids that can be utilized for fuels and petrochemicals. 
For any type of natural gas processing equipment needs, contact us today.