Blue Sky Midstream is committed to assisting our customers in optimizing every opportunity for identifying and implementing the most effective and cost-efficient natural gas treating and gas processing equipment.

Our experienced team offers proven gas processing designs, including standardized designs that are being effectively utilized to remove gas impurities around the country.

Previous projects have included:

CO2 and H2S Removal through the use of Amine Gas Treating Plants
We have designed, fabricated, operated and improved amine plants from a single GPM Amine unit up to as many as 1,000 GPM amine unit.


COremoval through the use of membranes

Our experience includes the effective use of membranes for CO2 removal to levels of 20% to a level of less than 2% in single stage as well as dual stage applications. As a result of significant improvement in membrane technology, it is now possible for this cutting-edge technology to be utilized in a manner that is more effective.


O2 (Oxygen) Removal

Our Oremoval equipment has allowed for the successful removal of oxygen from 100 ppm to just 3% within a natural gas stream. 

H2S removal through the use of H2S scavengers

Blue Sky Midstream has designed, fabricated and operated liquid and solid base scavengers capable of removing H2S from a concentration of 20 ppm up to 3,000 ppm. 

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